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Neurofeedback requires at least two sessions a week to be effective. Like dog training or working out, continuity and frequent practice make for sustained results.

If a client is in psychotherapy with another therapist, the neurofeedback sessions can each be 40 minutes. If there is processing to do about what comes up or changes as a result of the neurofeedback, there is a place to take it.

If the client is not in any other psychotherapy, at least one of the two neurofeedback sessions would be 60 (or 90 if the client prefers) minutes. That is so we have plenty of time to work with the presenting issues, and integrate the results of the neurofeedback. The second of the two weekly sessions may be 40 minutes.

The first session includes a detailed assessment interview and some orientation to the process.

Many clients depending on what it is they come to work on, may get significant results in 20-40 sessions.
That is 10-20 weeks.

Your questions are most welcome!

What the Clients are Saying About Neurofeedback

I have struggled with fear and anxiety most of my life. These emotions often times paralyzed my brain and left me with a sense that life was one big emergency, as if a tiger were chasing me down for the kill. Since adding neurofeedback to the psychotherapeutic process, I began to experience a profound sense of calm, ease, joy and clarity. My brain, no longer frozen from fear, can think clearly and comprehend concepts that I never thought possible. I now live in present time. It is as if I have joined the human race. The combination of neurofeedback and Ruth's compassionate and brilliant insights has transformed my life. I am forever grateful.
- Buddy, Physical Therapist

"When I started neurofeedback, I struggled with ADHD as well as sleep problems and anxiety. I had remarkable results. After our neurofeedback sessions, I find that I am much more relaxed, pretty much anxiety free, and I sleep better and am a lot better at focusing and staying out of my ADHD fog. As a psychologist, I have seen a lot of therapists work. Ruth is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I am so grateful!
- Dan, Psychologist

"Neurofeedback helped me work through long-standing issues with anxiety and depression that had become a part of my life after experiencing several life traumas. After only a few sessions, I started noticing that I was thinking more clearly and was able to address my problems with a decreased level of obsessive background noise. I was much happier and more content with life. I also noticed a significant reduction in tension related discomfort such as back and shoulder pain. After completing more than 20 sessions, I am a complete believer in this therapy, and am so happy that I opted to undergo this type of treatment in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy, rather than resorting to medication."
- Amy, Technology Specialist

"I had no idea what to expect from neurofeedback, to be honest, but after my second session with Ruth I had an extremely surprising experience. For most of my life I have struggled with social anxiety, and nowhere was this a bigger problem than in my professional life, where I am often called upon to organize and facilitate large meetings. At times my feelings of panic were so overwhelming before these meetings that I resorted to adrenaline-suppressing medication, but after two sessions of neurofeedback, I found myself anticipating a particularly important meeting with a sense of relaxed readiness. Without pharmaceutical assistance, I felt both calm and cheerful. I even enjoyed myself! Something was clearly different in my brain. After 18 neurofeedback sessions, I’m more balanced, less prone to catastrophizing and emotional flooding. In a word, I’m happier. The combination of Ruth’s skill as a therapist and this ‘brain training’ is one I wholeheartedly endorse."
- Lesley, IT Project Manager/Writer & Editor